Divulgence ~ Release Day Blitz

Release Day

Title: Divulgence (Angels & Demons ~ Book 2)

Author: Tich Brewster

Genre: YA, Paranormal

Publisher: Pennedit

Cover Artist: Sprinkles on Top Studios

Photographer: K Keeton Designs

Models: Eric Zeke Madden and Jaclyn Rutland

Release Date: 7/1/14


Armageddon is coming…

Hannah is a Devada, a special breed created to kill Satan’s chosen four ~ his Kings of hell.

Hannah is on the hunt for the demons responsible for the death of her parents.  Their gruesome bodies still haunt her dreams.  Will these nightmares ever end?  Will she get to know peace once more?

When Raum was sent to Oklahoma to help a young girl transform into a Devada he knew there was something different about her.  She wasn’t like any other Devada he’d known.  When secrets are revealed he is surprised at how special Hannah truly is.



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Hannah had been on the hunt since that weird phone call she had from her father, her very dead father. If by some miracle her father was alive, which was unlikely considering she saw his mutilated body, she would find him and make sure those demons paid for everything they’ve done.

Every day she replayed that phone call over and over in her mind. “Hannah. Help me,” her father whispered through the phone before the line went dead. Was it really her father? It had to be, it sounded just like him.

Hannah let out a warrior cry as she kicked her opponent in the chest, knocking him off of his feet.

Josh took a minute to catch his breath. He didn’t waste time though because Hannah was always quick to strike. He watched her brows furrow and wondered what had stolen her attention. Whatever it was, it gave him the perfect opportunity to fight back. He stood, brushed the dirt from his pants, and slowly reached for the dagger sheathed in his thigh holster.

Hannah shook her head. Those thoughts, wondering what actually happened to her father, only fueled her anger. Rage boiled under her skin. If she had the privilege of meeting every demon involved with her parent’s death, she’d take pleasure in torturing them to their own death.

She was deep in her thoughts and took her focus off of Josh for just a moment. That was a big mistake. Rule number one, never lose your focus. He gripped the dagger’s handle and threw it at her.

The blade reflected the sun, shining a stream of light right into her eyes. She gasped. How did she not see this coming? The blade was now less than a second away from slicing her cheek wide open.

Josh cringed. There was no way she’d be able to move out of harm’s way.

Hannah’s eyes widened. The last thing she wanted was a gaping wound on her face. Truth be told, she was still a wimp when it came to pain. “No,” she screamed, bracing for the impact.

Her eyes were closed tight in anticipation of what was to come but the pain never came. She waited another few seconds before cracking open an eye.

Just a breath away from the bottom of her left eye was the tip of the blade on Josh’s dagger. She backed away quickly and stood in shock at the sight before her.

The dagger was suspended in the air, frozen in time.

“What the…how did you…what was that?” Raum stood behind Hannah with a look of disbelief on his face.

Josh’s eyes lit up. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“I thought for sure that stupid blade was going to stab me.” Hannah felt her face where the dagger would have hit her. She still had no idea what she’d done. Glancing back at the suspended dagger, she touched it.

It didn’t move. Just like a statue, the dagger was firm in place. How is that possible? She wondered how she could do such a thing. Yes a Devada could do many things with magic but never had any of them frozen something in time, which is exactly what she’d done to the weapon.

Raum walked up to the weapon and cautiously waved his hand in front of the blade. “Interesting.” He gripped the handle and gave it a slight tug. He furrowed his brows when it didn’t budge. Using his strength, he gave it another try. Nothing. “No way, how cool is that? It’s like time is standing still but only right where the dagger is.”

Josh examined it with a smile on his face. “I have no idea what you did but this is freakin’ awesome.” He tried to retrieve his weapon but no amount of strength he used made a difference. “Huh, that’s just amazing.”

Raum sipped his coffee. “This is great. It will definitely come in handy.” He kissed the top of Hannah’s head. “One question though. How do we get that weapon back?”

Hannah opened her mouth to speak but closed it. She looked at Raum with an unsure expression on her face. “I have no idea.” She pointed at Josh’s weapon. “I don’t even know how the heck I did that.”

She made a slow circle around the object. Since becoming a Devada she had done things that no other of her kind had been able to do. She had teleported, become invisible, and guided Josh’s soul back from hell. With each of those abilities, all she did was wish for it to happen and it did.

Raum gently pinched her chin, tilting her head until their eyes locked. “You can do this. Look at all of the things you’ve been able to accomplish thus far. Just concentrate on that dagger. Visualize it falling to the ground.”

She closed her eyes and did just that. She imagined releasing the weapon. When she felt the power flowing through her she opened her eyes. She raised her hand, aiming it at the weapon and then waved it toward the ground.

It fell with a thud. Josh looked down in stunned silence. A moment later he picked it up and sheathed it. “I’m amazed at the fact that you can learn such things without being taught.”

“My girl’s a special girl, the best there ever was.” Raum threw his arm around her and hugged her close.

“That she is.” Josh nodded toward the house. “I’ve got some errands to run,” he pointed at her, “and you need to think about going back to school.”

“School, really? We’re preparing for Armageddon and you’re worried about my education?” She took Raum’s coffee cup from his hand and sipped the delicious java. “I’m pretty sure that I will not be needing grammar and calculus to destroy a demon.”

Raum snorted. “Yeah, I’m almost positive that demons could care less about whether or not she speaks correct English or knows the square root of pi.” He kissed her cheek. “Come on, I’ll make breakfast.”



Tich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of five.  Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas.  She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.”  Tich never thought of publishing her works until working with Teresa on the Royal Blood series.




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